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New friends (part 1)

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

One of the best things about what we get up to is the people we meet. We love our clients - hosts and event organisers - and we do everything we can to help make their jobs easier. We'll tell you more about the best events we've been involved with soon - but for now we'd like to introduce some of the amazing performers we have been sharing the stage with at the West Somerset Railway 1940s Weekend.

This is Johnny Victory. He spent two days with us on Minehead Station platform recently as well as huddled in a beach shelter as we scoffed our fish and chips. Johnny is a consummate performer - he gives his all to his audiences, not just singing their favourite songs on stage, but moving into the audience and truly involving everyone with the show. He's an absolute scream, so much fun. Even for delicate little flowers like us!

As you can see, he has a fabulous stage wardrobe too - always a plus point for us! Johnny brought his fantastic wingman James with him. Combining tech expertise with an equally snazzy wardrobe, James played suave RAF officer one day and pearly king the next.

We loved Johnny's choice of songs - especially the one that involved US (we may or may not publish the video). We reciprocated by singing our best version of Oh Johnny! at least three times - extra passionately!

Go and say hello - check out where you can enjoy him as much as we did. We tried to wear him out, but he's unstoppable!

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