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Shakin' the Blues Away!

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

The last thing we did together before lockdown - on Friday 13th march 2020 - was to spend the day recording our CD, Shakin' the Blues Away. We'd been planning it for ages, and it felt so important to get behind the microphones and deliver the project.

Although we didn't really understand what was happening to the world (who did?) we had a pretty good idea we wouldn't see one another for a while, and ... well you know what happened next. Our 2020 diary had been literally packed with engagements which evaporated overnight (including the most exciting VE Day anniversary period) and the first six months of 2021 didn't even get started!

We'd been planning the CD for a while and had already had long discussions about which songs to include. This involved putting together some lovely new arrangements. We were unusually focussed in the studio, laying down all the tracks in an 8-hour period, knowing we wouldn't get a second go at it!

The music was recorded and edited by Josh Westrip - himself an accomplished musician - in Rawcus Studio on the edge of Dartmoor. Getting the material edited and transformed into the physical CD, with all the licensing and permissions required really kept us in touch with one another, and made us feel that there would be a return to life as we love it. When the CDs arrived all we could think about was how soon they would be coming to shows with us.

Since late July 2021 we've been gradually picking up the gigs again, and thoroughly loving everything about it. Three cheers for our lovely hosts and clients who have fought against the odds to open their doors/run their events again. They have our utter respect and gratitude. We feel like three very lucky ladies to be back doing what we enjoy so much.

You can hear a sample track from the CD on our music page. If you'd like your very own copy you can find it in our shop:

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